Cd Release Party, Sons of Bill Show, and the wild, wild west!

We are two days away from hitting the road to Knoxville and just thinking about our experiences over the last few days as we’ve been celebrating our music, our friends’ music, new t-shirts, and the beginning of our summer tour.  

red and kimmel

The show at Is Venue IS one for the books!  Our dear friend Red gave the audience a real treat starting off the evening with tales of country living with his sweet voice and pickin’.  We feel very lucky to have recordings of Red and if you, dear reader, come upon these recordings in your travels- you MUST get a copy.  You will most likely find one in the Scottsville area- we recommend the Saturday Farmer’s Market in town- just ask Bebe and he’ll set you up with something.

BW3Trent Wagler and Brian Dickel had the audience on their feet by the end of their set because it was so smokin’!  Trent is a great performer and showman- you must buy a CD or better yet- go see him live!  We are very happy to be joining Trent in his town of Harrisonburg in October for an opening set at Clementine.  

There were so many familiar faces at our show on Thursday night- how lucky we are to know so many wonderful people and to see so many of them there- THANK YOU!  Of course, not only was this show the unveiling of our new CD, If the Sun Will Shine, but also our brand new t-shirts designed by our good friend Tristan Benedict-Hall of A Mystery in Common.  t-shirtNot only are these t-shirts 100% organic cotton and made in the USA, they are also hand-printed by Tristan himself- all the love of the maker poured into these shirts.  We are so grateful for his talents on this project!  If you are interested in ordering a shirt, please contact us.  

sobpressphoto1This brings us to the very awesome Sons of Bill who had THEIR CD release party on Friday night at the Paramount Theater in Charlottesville, VA.  We’ve known these guys for a long time and watching them rock one of the biggest stages in town was a highlight of this Spring for us.  We were also fortunate to share a song with them up on stage in front of, what we heard, to be a sold out crowd- that’s 1,000 people folks!  We performed Long Black Veil with them during their second set and it was fantastic!  Thanks to the guys for having us up on stage with them and please check them out- they’ll be playing in a town near you!

We head out in 2 days- not packed, a little sleep deprived, still mapping out parts of the journey  *sigh* – to be a musician.  See you in Knoxville friends.


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