On the Road

 instrumentsHello Everyone and welcome to our blog- On the Road– style.  Here we are: getting close to leaving Scottsville to head out west on our first tour for If the Sun Will Shine.   We are starting a blog so you can keep up with our whereabouts this summer.  We will travel through 15 states, playing 17 shows in 45 days.

Sometimes, Kagey may be writing- sometimes it will be me (Laura).  Whomever it may be, we will make sure to keep you up -to-date on where we are and what we are doing!  

Thanks to everyone who has purchased a CD or donated to our cause- we are so lucky to have a great support network of friends, family, and fans- the three important “f”‘s in the music business!  We can’t wait to share our music with everyone out on the road.  First stop:  Knoxville, Tennessee on June 24th for the kick off of our tour with a radio appearance on the Blue Plate Special WDVX (www.wdvx.com) and than later that night, Time Warp Tea Room.

What a way to spend the summer.


One thought on “On the Road

  1. Haha…I’m the first to leave a comments on the What we are Dewing blog…

    By the way, must have been an English major or something to come up with what we are “dewing…”

    I think Kagey needs to attend another meeting of Keillor’s self-help group, POEM (the Professional Organization of English Majors).

    Seriously though, I’m wishing ya’ll all the best. Keep the blog updated so I can keep living vicariously through you both.

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