The Age of Aquarius

397706_10200121524391423_345826414_n X-Country Ski (-4 degrees) in Saranac Lake, NY with Sue.

photo Kagey and John sipping something tasty.

68927_10200106981707865_523286951_n Snowshoe up Baker Mtn in Saranac Lake.

photo-3 Post-neighborhood run euphoria.

photo-5 Charlie Brown Xmas Tree courtesy of Grandma Parrish.

photo-1 Fall leaves in November.

photo-4 Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies.  So good.  So bad.

photo-2 Ginko Earrings on Jeff.

385308_10200121525191443_1119225018_n First time X-Country Skiing.  Fell down 4 times.


Charlottesville Sunset.


 A few of our favorite recordings from 2012 

beautywillcome_webRed June- Beauty Will Come

shapeimage_1Anna & Elizabeth- Sun to Sun

5292-maxPunch Brothers- Who’s Feeling Young Now?

lg_product_83Darrell Scott- Long Ride Home

8e97526fAndrew Bird- Hands of Glory

4569_largeMatt Flinner Trio- Winter Harvest


Ron Miles/Bill Frisell/Brian Blade- Quiver

Singing Songs of Joy and Peace

Dear Friends,

There are so many people, places and things we’re inspired by right now.  We just got the new Jody Stecher album in the mail that we cannot wait to dive into.  Our new favorite duo is quickly becoming Anna & Elizabeth.  Sonny Rollins, Miles, Neil and Mike Seeger continue to play on through our record player.  Uta Barth has replaced Robert Frank on our coffee table.  I’m photographing more.  Kagey is writing short stories and poetry.  We’re really happy to be creating space for more art and songwriting.


Anna & Elizabeth make beautiful crankies and weave stories and ballads within their performances.  They’ve finally made a record called “Sun to Sun” that we haven’t been able to take out of our CD player.

Uta Barth’s photography.

After the Gold Rush.

This happened a year ago.  We got to see the dome room upstairs in Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello with the Sibleys for the first time and we couldn’t help but sing a little.  Just to leave our “footprint,” so-to-speak, in a place of such invention and history.  It was magical.




We had a great September and can hardly believe that it’s over! Our travels took us to Ohio, Michigan and Illinois. We also played awesome shows back home here in Virginia in Broadway, Roanoke and Ashland. We even squeezed a Charlottesville performance in there too! Thanks to everyone who came out and saw us – it was great to reconnect with old friends and to make some new ones!

Photo Denis Grabill

September’s Stellar Six:

1. Natalie’s Coal Fired Pizza Great pizza and a great place to go see music!

2. Ohio!

3. Vinyl shops in Ann Arbor

4. Chicago Acoustic Underground

5. Salt of the Earth Fennville, MI

6. Breville Juice Fountain

Please Please Me

A little under a year ago, we spent 6 weeks in the northeast touring around and visiting friends along the way.  Our buddy Caleb was living in Brooklyn for a month to be in a play about the life and times of Woody Guthrie and we decided to stop through for a night to catch up and play tunes.  We spent the better half of the evening pulling out every Beatles’ song we knew and then discussing why life is made better by their music.  It was decided by 2am that we should pick an album and play it first song to last at a show sometime.

Fast forward 9 months- we just finished up 2 weeks of touring house concerts and a few public venues with Caleb performing our original material together and ending the night with a surprise set of all the songs from “Please Please Me,” the first Beatles’ record.  It may be that our lives changed for the better, learning these songs.  They got us to think outside of our small duet box and also we learned to have so much fun while performing them.  Each person took a big leap into the unknown.  Caleb played fiddle and harmonica on several tunes, Kagey abandoned his shoes for most of the performances and sang solo on many of the songs and I clogged my little heart out during one of the fiddle tunes.  Do you get the picture?  Fun times.

It was also 2 weeks of 3 good friends having a great time in the many places we played.  We ate great food, got out and exercised, visited many a pool and enjoyed discussions on life and happiness.  A new brand of hummus was also born out of this trio- “Kagey’s Kuntry Hummus.”  More on this later as the product is developed and tested (but it does already have its own jingle!)

August was an incredible month and we were sad to say goodbye to it.  As always, we look forward to the changing of seasons, turning inward and getting into our creative spaces a little more as the weather gets colder.  We hope this blog finds everyone well.  Thanks for reading!

Sweet As Honey:

1.  All of our house concert and venue hosts!  This tour was a blast and y’all made it so special.  Thank you!

2.  Salt-water pools.

3.  Hotel Moore.  Our favorite Baltimore pad.

4.  All the audience dancers during “Twist and Shout.”

5.  Grandma & Granddaddy singing along to our songs.

6.  The Potters, who coined “Chipotle Gringo and Choctaw Slaw” as new nicknames.

7.  Catawba- another excellent, creative stay in a beautiful place.

8.  The epic jam at Scott’s & Stan’s place.

9.  Barry & Ashleigh joining us on stage in Baltimore.

10.  The moment when “Kagey’s Kuntry Hummus” became a reality.

Snippets of our show from Oakland, MD.  A little clogging, a little Beatles.  Thanks to Dan for the video!

Our first Baltimore appearance in August with Ken and Brad Kolodner.  A really fun night!

House Concert in Greenwood.  Photo by Karen Wortman.

VA Beach!  Photo by Katy Larkin.

“Ashokan Farewell” near Baltimore.  Photo by Genie Moore.

Hanging with Baby Lloyd in Oakland, MD.  Photo by Dan Schlattman.

Watching Alison Krauss and US at FloydFest.  Photo by Barry Lawson.

Mid-morning juicing!

We Heart Mountains

Top of the Rockies!

Hiking up Independence Pass at 12,000 Ft.


Appetizer in Carbondale prepared by Chef Sarah: local peaches with homemade pesto, raspberry vinegar, basil and mozzarella.

Caleb fiddlin’ his way back up the hill in Catawba.

Manhattan, KS House Concert.  Photos by Autumn Shoemaker of La Brisa Photography.



Thank you to all our wonderful hosts, friends and concert promoters for our best trip out west yet.  We love you and can’t wait to see you again next year!

The Whole Love

June has just flown by right before our eyes and it was a month chock-full of wonderful shows, the release of our album everywhere and plenty of good food and hiking too.  Before the heat wave set in on Virginia, we enjoyed the last few days of spring in the Blue Ridge hiking with Barry and his dog Lily and taking some much-needed rest from the road.  This included movie nights with friends, dinner/wine parties in the valley, yoga and especially enjoying the outdoors while we still could before the bugs and sweat set in.

June was a big month of celebration too.  It was only 3 years ago we quit our teaching jobs to hit the road full-time and we haven’t looked back since.  Also, this blog celebrated 3 years!  We remember the days of writing about every single show and scrap of food we consumed on our trips.  Feel like taking a trip down memory lane?  Here’s a goodie.

Just to fit everything in for the month, we revert back to our Sweet As Honey list- started mostly to document the highlights from our gigging.  Enjoy the photos below and thank you all again for being a solid rock in our musical lives- your support over the years means more to us than we could ever write.

Sweet As Honey:

1.  Meeting the Kruger Brothers at the Strawberry Park Bluegrass Festival in CT.  Jens Kruger complimented Laura on her banjo playing- eek!!!

2.  Playing the beautiful Pocahontas County Opera House in Marlinton, WV w/Doc Lawson.

3.  Hiking the Mau-Har Trail just off the AT with friends and swimming!

4.  Red June CD Release Show in Asheville- a super fun night with our sweet friends!

5.  Our show at the lovely Hanesbrands Theatre in Winston-Salem.  Folks in the audience couldn’t have been nicer- thank you.

6.  Appalachian Voices show in Charlottesville- getting to meet/hear Kathy Mattea and sharing the stage with some great musicians.

7.  NYC for a night, Laura’s first cab ride, Ihor & Marisha- our wonderful, sweet hosts!

8.  Camp time with Jeff and Sue. Beach time with the Parrish’s and Worth.  Kayaking, swimming, trampolines!

9.  Devon & Dejah Leger over at Hearth Music who’ve poured themselves into promoting our record.  Thank you both so much!

10.  All of the amazing Folk DJs out there who continue to support independent musicians and who know all the ins and outs of the Folk community.  Y’all are some special people and dear to us.  Thank you for playing our record.

 Foggy Mtn Top w/Red June in Asheville, NC.  Photo by Kim LaViolette.

Laura is carrying Red June apples!

There’s only room if the bass sleeps in the shower…

Beautiful sunset in Swoope, VA.

Dinner and drinks with the Webbs and Daltons in Swoope.

Singing John Prine’s “Paradise” with Trent Wagler at the App. Voices show.  Photo by Jamie Goodman.

Final song with everyone including Kathy Mattea, Daniel Martin Moore and App. Voices crew.  Photo by Dot Griffith.

Our view outside the B&B in Hobart, NY.

Serious Jeff with Kagey in background canoeing and kayaking on Bigsby Pond.  Photo by Sue Bibeau.

@ the Living Room in NYC.  Photo by John Cloyd Miller.

The Hembree Clan (aka 3 Penny Acre) sports our sticker on their touring vehicle!